Deadly agility, lightweight comfort…


A new breed of ultra-light shoe is on the horizon waiting to be unleashed. The Black Mamba Elite ‘FFR’ (Fitness, Freerun, Racing) trainer will change everything you think you knew about what weight and comfortable feels like.

The 1st generation model to be released, these trainers are designed to make every step barefoot-like with a weightless feel, featuring a seamless and stretchy synthetic Neoprene, to give the front toe upper stability, maintain flexibility and anatomically correct mould shape for a glove-like fit.

It’s ultra lightweight foam sole lets you be quicker off the mark in any sport you choose. It bends with ease upon movement, allowing for a smoother, more comfortable wear step after step, making it one of the lightest trainers on the market. The leather heel and side panels provide support for a secure fit and responsive feel. The integrated velcro lockdown system gives the wearer supreme hold from the midfoot for added agility and freedom, all finished with a black on black stealth look.

The first model of the FFR 1st Gen trainer will feature at the Tri-Expo 18-19th March 2017 at EventCity, with pre-order opportunities available at the Black Mamba Elite booth.
Overall 5 key pointers:

1. Neoprene structure
Breathable and flexible synthetic fabric for quick movements
2. Front end toe mould
For increased stability and hold
3. Performance sole
Traction and duality with scale cell grip
4. Ultra-light weight technology
Heel cushioning for stable foundation with an ultra light weight feel

5. stealth mode
Black on black finish for a clean look