An electric night of MMA at UKFC

Preston Guild Hall was the venue for the 2nd feature for the UK Fighting Championships, a night were 22 of the best MMA fighters would compete in their respectful weights to a crowd that brought such energy, you could not help but feel part of the action.

Organised and managed by Ste Nightingale, who would also feature as the main event, and Rob Freedman, brought together great entertainment for all fans and are steady continuing to improve their ambition in the sport of MMA. Black Mamba Elite proudly supplied the Reps MMA sponsored team walk out t-shirts, which featured in their ranks Ray Kenny, who would compete a tight contest against Kadeem Stewart. Although Ray lost the fight just on points, he was in incredible shape thanks to T-Nutrition owner Nick Bond, who summed up the night perfectly… “Great show put on by all the fighters, whatever the results you’re all warriors!”. Ste Nightingale brought down the house from cheers in the crowd after defeating Spaniard Christinan Esribano.

Be sure to check UKFC’s Facebook page for updates on the next fight come March 2017, and T-Nutrition Preston for a great range of the best supplements.