Creating the best Triathlon suit possible

Part of the joy of triathlon, like any endurance discipline, is wearing fabrics that would otherwise not fly in day-to-day public appearances.

The apparel you choose in a race is important from a performance and comfort standpoint, too: while you can change clothes at each transition, a tri suit can take you from swim to bike to run to post-race protein and DOMS. In a wetsuit-legal race, put it on over your tri suit. Burning up on the marathon run at Ironman? Unzip the front and put some cold sponges inside. Black Mamba Elite were tasked with creating an order of Elite-Tri suits that deliver the performance expected of a pro level suits for Tri-Preston, an extension of the Preston Harriers team. The challenge brought together a quick drying fabric combination offering incredible ventilation and moisture control, while our elastane strategically-placed compression stabilizes muscles to enhance endurance. Padded shorts offered support for the bike saddle and discretion on the run. Extras include flat-lock stitching, front lock in zip with back single storage easy-lock zip, silicone free grip gel bands and comfort fit feel to aid your performance over any distance. The MAMBA performance Tri-suit will be the most comfortable of any tri-suit you’ve worn. Interested if we can create a custom suit or item for your team or club? Email us today at [email protected] for a free quote from our team.


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