Black Mamba Elite Sign Seb Foucan!

Black Mamba Elite are delighted to announce its first partnership deal in the form of international French superstar Sebastien Foucan. The Partnership will be established with his ‘Foucan Academy’ to create innovative, high-quality performance freerunning apparel for all ages.

“Sebastien is going to be a huge addition to our #TeamMamba and brand ethos,” stated the Black Mamba Elite co-founders. “Seb and his team will sit with us and be heavily involved in the design process, creating a ‘Foucan Series clothing range to what he feels is the right freeRunning attire. His global appeal is huge and we are excited for the future of working with his ideas and Academy, bringing a established name to our city.”


Well known for being part of the iconic opening scene on top of a crane in James Bond’s Casino Royale, Sebastien is also an accomplished inspirational speaker. He is a global ambassador for the Freerunning discipline and has established his own Foucan Freerunning Academy to pass on his ethos and skills to the future stars of tomorrow. Working with the company ‘Oxygen Freejumping‘ , a 30000 sq ft facility based in London, that also has world-class trampoline parks based all over the UK, the partnership will see his new line of apparel start off in London and soon branch out in to further UK stores.

The Mamba duo, from Preston in the North West, met Sebastien where it all started down in Birmingham, after a chance meeting at the Bodypower Expo, to settle on terms and to take this partnership forward.

Presented to him was Black Mamba Elite’s first free running hoodie prototype with vented arm panels for mobility, race striped large hood with Velcro seal to hold in place and zipped pouch front pockets for safe storage. With further tweaks on request…this hoodie will be like nothing on the market. In addition to this Foucan series hoodie, a pair of custom styled long shorts with matching blue trim, extra lycra inner flex on the shorts and made form a lightweight fabric, finished with the ‘Foucan Academy’ and Black Mamba Elite logos on the reverse.


On top of these items, new dry fit tech tees and and compression options,all designed by Sebastien, will each serve it’s purpose and be functional for the wearer when expressing themselves in their environment. “We look forward to releasing new specialised apparel and working with Sebastien on the marketing and promotional content to support this new and adventurous partnership.” stated Director Paul Whittle.