Shopping these days is not just about buying a few essentials. The customers want to have an “experience”, something that will tempt them to stay longer and want to be a part of the brand. The 2017 TriExpo is by far the best gathering of all things triathlon and being based in Manchester, it was […]

It’s official, we are featuring at the 2017 Tri Expo, held at the super complex EventCity, Manchester 18th–19th March. An unmissable dedicated event for serious triathletes and beginners alike, there’s something for all ages, abilities and disciplines. It’s an exciting new venture in to the world of Triathlon, and we will be releasing exclusively at […]

A new venture for Black Mamba Elite is attacking the Triathlon industry and releasing its first project in the form of the Tri-Combat suit. If you’re taking part in a triathlon, a Tri-suit could be your ultimate piece of race day clothing that makes a difference to your overall performance. Wearable throughout the swim, cycle […]

The UK has become the first country in the world to officially recognise Parkour/Freerunning as a sport, and as a brand working with Sebastien Foucan and his Academy, we are extremely proud to be sharing this journey with them. Content taken from Parkour UK: / The UK has become the first country in the world […]

Competitors from all over Europe have travelled to take part in Belfast’s Strongest Man which has been organised in memory of a local boy Nathan Doyle,who was a massive fan of the sport. His father Stephen Doyle said he is honoured the event has been named after his son, saying he was a “warrior” all […]

DEADLY AGILITY AND LIGHTWEIGHT FEEL A new breed of ultra-light shoe is on the horizon waiting to be unleashed. The Black Mamba Elite ‘FFR’ (Fitness, Freerun, Racing) trainer will change everything you think you knew about what weight and comfortable feels like. The 1st generation model to be released, these trainers are designed to make […]

Preston Guild Hall was the venue for the 2nd feature for the UK Fighting Championships, a night were 22 of the best MMA fighters would compete in their respectful weights to a crowd that brought such energy, you could not help but feel part of the action. Organised and managed by Ste Nightingale, who would […]

An overall superior website…That was the goal. clear, simple, to the point. Not only for it to be more convenient for the shopper to have everything in one place, but to give a unique experience of our brand, our ethos and most importantly, present an easy on the eye and use of the online store. […]

It’s been a busy at Mamba HQ, building on a new feature that we have been running along side our own apparel line, and that is offering customers custom made apparel, styled to their wants and needs. Wether it is for a charity event, and update to a team image or people wanting to start […]