Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo when it comes to apparel. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge this status quo is by making our apparel functional and performance focused for each athlete, we just happen to be great motivators and inspire through our brand ethos.

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A British company founded in 2013 by two track and field athletes, Symon Woan and Paul Whittle, who pulled their inspiration and knowledge from their background as athletes and designers, whilst being endorsed with confidence by Olympic and World Champions. Our vision and philosophy is to create the best products money can buy. We focus on the fabric performance of all our apparel, to ensure that people associate our brand with premium quality and fit.

The brand started with one cotton t-shirt design and mindset, to make all athletes better with a strong motivational ethos. From here it advanced from cotton to technical performance fabrics that offered functionality, but also retained the strong brand identity.

Black Mamba Elite’s mottos ‘#MambaMentality’ and ‘#TeamMamba’ have not only been embraced in the UK, but also worldwide with a strong social media presence. We pride ourselves on the fact customers feel part of our team when they purchase any item online, or through our stockists.




Black Mamba Elite launched as a limited apparel brand within
fitness and athletic apparel.


USA pro Olympic sprinter Wallace Spearmon Jr, takes on Usain
Bolt in Brazil at the Mano a Mano 100m Challenge – legacy suit
launched at this event.

First ever stockist opening with ‘Discount Supplements store’ in Preston, North-West.


James Bond, Casino Royale villain, Sebastein Foucan joins Black Mamba Elite as an ambassador and apparel partnership with his Academy – ‘Foucan Series’ apparel line launched and sky sports game changers 6 part mini TV series begins.

6 page placement feature article in the prestigious Oxygen
magazine in UK and Australia, with athlete IFBB Pro Nina Ross.

BBC Sport TV debut at the Manchester City Games, with 2 time Olympic and World champion, Felix Sanchez wearing the brand.

Debut magazine features in mens fitness and muscle fitness
magazines to launch new apparel range.

Our 9 th Event in experience but largest feature and debut at
Birmingham’s Bodypower Fitness Expo.

XL Bolon Expo supporting Bolton’s Strongman challenges.


Featured on Eurosport Channel at the IAAF World Challenge circuit, with 400 metre hurdles and Olympian Johnny Dutch.

Sponsors for both UKFC MMA and FCC MMA events.

Ironman Bolton triathlon team entered with prototype Tri-Combat suit in red/gold edition. Our first venture in to Triathlon.

New Stockist partnership with ‘T-Nutrition’ supplements in the North-West


A return to the BBC, with our 2nd appearance at the Great City
Games in Manchester – 100m GB international, Andy Robertson
debuted the first TRK-Combat suit.

Belfast strongest man sponsors.

Tri-Expo Manchester – Successful release of the Tri-Combat suit series and custom team suit options created.

Sponsored firefighter Simon Connolly and CLIC Sargent charity to fight Cancer – 24 mile swim across Loch Lomond to raise 5k.

Women’s Fitness Magazine – Best selling ‘top 10 compression’
apparel choices for women.

Featured at the England Athletics International Meet in

Featured at the Ambleside Duathlon and the Poynton triathlon.

Pro USA World and Olympian Mike Rodgers competes in the 100m wearing the TRK-Combat speed suit, at the IAAF European
Classic Meeting in Switzerland.

Athletics spike shoe and trainer in early development stages.

about us


The black mamba itself has a reputation for being a powerful, athletic and swift predator. We want you embrace these traits as soon as you wear our apparel. To feel stronger, focused, and attack your training or challenge. This ‘mentality’ as a collective is what forms a group known as #TeamMamba. ‘M.A.M.B.A‘ itself stands for Mind-Above-Matter-Beats-Anything, and we believe everyone can be better with the right mindset, motivationand desire to improve.

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